USB portable drives are so common these days that it’s safe to assume everyone has them. After all, there’s nothing more convenient for carrying files while on the go. But small as they are, they are easily lost. In such cases, you might want to use encryption for sensitive data, something the nifty Granite Portable tool is good at.

What is it?

Granite Portable claims itself to be “a rock solid way to transfer your data.” Designed to be simple and efficient, this small, portable app comes with a folder called “Vault” that can only be accessed with a username/password authentication. There you can hide your important files.

Granite Portable Menu

The vault is protected by a two-layer security that prevents entry without the aforementioned credentials. There’s also an optional setting in Granite Portable that prevents files from being created on your USB flashdrive’s root. Finally, the program adds protection from autorun.inf malware.

Simple Installation, Sophisticated Security

Installing Granite Portable is quite easy, given that there’s actually no installation. Simply download the app from the official website, extract everything within the downloaded ZIP file, and transfer them to your USB flashdrive.

Granite Portable

To run the app, just open Granite Portable Launcher.exe. You will be asked to set a username and password when you launch it for the first time. Be sure to remember your chosen credentials, since there’s no other means to access the vault folder without them. While logged in, a small G-shield icon is visible nearby the system tray that you can click to access the app’s menu. The presence of the icon also means you can access the vault, letting you transfer files from and to it as you please.

Warnings to Heed, Lest the Vault Gets Compromised

Granite Portable has three simple requirements to work properly:

USB thumbdrives using other file systems can still use the app, but some security features may not work as intended. Granite Portable, even with its two-layer protection, does not completely guarantee a hack-proof repository for your confidential data. After all, no kind of security stays impregnable; hackers eventually find a way to bypass any protection. Rest assured, the app provides a simple and easy way to hide important files from the prying eyes of the common man.


Besides the security features, Granite Portable offers a couple of customizations for itself and your USB flashdrive. For instance, you can choose between 14 different themes for the menu, pick a user picture, and rename your drive.

The latest version available is, while development for future versions is ongoing. You can help participate in improving the app by suggesting which new features to add first, such as multiple user accounts, automatic access to the vault in computers deemed safe, bug fixes, and more.

With Granite Portable in place, you have a simple and secure way to hide your files in your USB flashdrive.

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