Pokémon Duel brings Pikachu and friends to iOS and Android


Another mobile Pokémon game is coming to town today. This isn’t Santa but it sure will bring some goodies to our iOS and Android devices just like Pokemon Go did. The mobile game called Pokemon Duel is now available for free download on Android and iOS running smartphones.

Wondering how this works? Here’s the deal, the Pokemon Duel is a little different from the Pokemon Go in that it is a strategy game which is played more like a board game. It involves players building a party of six Pokemon and attempting to move them across a playing field filled with spaces where the creatures can attack, take formation, strategize and also block their opponents’ armies. The aim of the game is to get to the enemy’s goal and the first player to get there wins.

This time around, the Pokemon are designed like Nintendo’s amiibo figurines, different from the animated pets on Pokemon Go. But that doesn’t change player’s’ ability to collect them. The number of steps the Pokemon can take per turn is also limited. The duel begins when a Pokemon lands on a space next to an enemy. You can determine the type of attack the Pokemon character will use by spinning the Data Disk. There is a special plate at the beginning of each turn that lets users power up their Pokemon in different ways. You’ll encounter more powerful Pokemon as the game progresses but there is a crafting mechanic which gives players the ability to level up their creatures and also improve their Data Disks as the game progresses.

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Furthermore, users can square up against real players in the online League Match mode. Alternatively, Pokemon Duel can also be played against the game’s AI.  The game is free but just like its sibling Pokemon Go, there are some in-app purchases inside. There are boosters like Time Boosters which can give you more Pokemon and plates. You can also buy specific plates directly. Another option is to amass free Gems which can be used to open Boosters and buy items from the game’s shop. You earn Gems each day you play Pokemon Duel or when you complete daily missions. However, expect to spend a long time gathering the amount needed to unlock the best features.

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