Karaoke sessions are one of the highlights of any events and gatherings, especially in the Philippines. The problem is, that renting a karaoke machine or setting up the one you have at home can be a bit tiresome. That’s one thing Spotify is trying to fix as it rolls out a Karaoke Mode to its service.

Imagine owning a karaoke machine with over 70 million songs. That’s how it should feel like with the new Spotify Karaoke Mode.

With this new feature, you can essentially play any music on Spotify’s vast library and sing to it. The Karaoke Mode on Spotify will display the lyrics so you can have fun while jamming with it.


But, song lyrics have been present on Spotify for quite some time. So the question is, what makes this new mode special? Well, we’re glad you asked, as the Karaoke mode will feature score cards that rate your singing — similar to what a real Karaoke machine does.

This should make for a great quality time during an impromptu get-together with friends or family members. It can be used on a smartphone, tablet, or even better, on a smart TV with Spotify support.

How to enable Karaoke mode on Spotify?

Step 1: Make sure your Spotify app is up to date. To do so, you can visit the Spotify app page on the Google Play Store on Android, App Store on iPhone or iPad, or whatever application store platform your device or TV has.

Step 2: Now, open the Spotify app and pick the song you want to jam on to. Then, scroll down and tap the “Sing” button on the top right of the lyrics screen.

Bear in mind that, as of writing, the feature is fairly new and is only available on a select number of devices. When you’re sure that the app is updated, and the Karaoke mode is still not there, then you might have to wait a bit more ’til it becomes compatible.

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