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Tekken 7’s latest character revelation is a Filipina named Josie Rizal

Tekken 7’s latest character reveal shows some love to the Philippines. Meet the kickboxing and eskrima specialist, Josie Rizal.

That’s right; she’s named after our national hero Jose Rizal. As seen in the trailer video below, she dons a yellow top, blue mini-skirt and a red headband that looks like rabbit ears. She is also seen wearing golden accessories, including four that dangle from the back of her skirt—some sort of anting-anting or agimat, maybe?

Josie Rizal was designed by Mari Shimazaki. community manager Mark Julio also gave creative contributions to the design that reflects the Filipino culture. Her fighting style and her name are clear references. In addition, Josie Rizal’s accessories and the colors of her dress seem to be an allusion to our national flag.

Though officially revealed yesterday, Josie, along with veteran characters Jin Kazama and Devil Jin, has yet to join the character roster in Tekken 7.

[Via Inquirer]


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