Looking for a great pair of wireless earphones? You might want to check out the new Huawei FreeLace earphones.

The Huawei FreeLace wireless earphones, which was announced alongside the P30 Pro, features a 9.2mm dynamic driver with an ultra-thin diaphragm that offers large sound field with deep bass. It also has titanium plating that ensures crisp treble.


It also has Huawei’s HiPair technology with a built-in USB Type-C connectivity. It lets you easily pair the device on a compatible smartphone by just plugging it directly. Also, you can instantly charge it in any compatible smartphone without the need of a separate cable.

Speaking of charging, a quick 5-minute top up can already provide 4 hours music playback. While a one full charge can play up to 18 hours of music. The FreeLace also has a 12-day standby charge.


The Huawei FreeLace has a neckband design, with IPX5 waterproof design, and magnets on each driver so you can easily tuck them in when not in use. It’s built in a nickel-titanium alloy and liquid silicon material.

There’s also the volume controls, power switch, and multifunction buttons. It even has built-in microphone for making calls, which has wind noise reduction and advanced noise canceling system.


The Huawei FreeLace earphones is now available at select stores for a price of Php3,490. You can get it in Graphite Black or Amber Sunrise.

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