Driving schools went up after the government mandated to have every driver’s license applicant enroll in theoretical and practical driving courses. As a result, getting a license has become more expensive. So to help Filipinos, the Land Transportation Office has set a limit to the fees driving schools can charge student drivers.

Under the new mandate, driving schools can only charge Php1,000 for the theoretical driving course (TDC), no matter what the vehicle classification is.

The charges differ in the practical driving courses (PDC). The motorcycle course should only cost no more than Php2,500, light vehicle is capped at Php4,000, while the heavy vehicle is at Php8,000. See the list below.

Driving school fees limit

These are the maximum rates driving schools can charge for their courses.

ClassificationTheoretical Driving Course (TDC)Practical Driving Course (PDC)
(A, A1)
Light Vehicle
(B, B1, B2)
Heavy Vehicle
(C, D, CE)


LTO chief Jose Arturo Tugade said that the maximum prescribed rates were implemented as a response to many Filipinos lamenting the high prices of driving schools. Tugade added that the new prices are also fair for driving schools that also invests in this type of business.

Driving schools who will violate the new rule will have to face such penalties:

  • First offense: Php50,000 fine, six-month suspension of accreditation
  • Second offense: Php100,000 fine, one-year suspension of accreditation
  • Third offense: Cancellation of accreditation

These new maximum rates and penalties for offenses are effective starting April 15, 2023 under LTO’s Memorandum Circular No. JMT-2023-2390 or the Omnibus Guidelines on the Accreditation, Supervision, and Control of Driving Institutions, and the Standardization of Driver and Conductor’s Education.

The TDC, which is a mandatory 15-hour course, can now be completed in just two days from three days. Students have the option to complete the 7-hour class on the first day and complete the final 8 hours the next day — as long as both classes fall within the same month.

Regardless of the license code, the PDC should last for at least eight hours. The light and heavy vehicle courses should be done for at least two days, while motorcycle courses can be completed in one day, as long as the instructor was able to assess that the student has “already acquired the knowledge” needed.

Bear in mind that you can’t enroll for PDC without a student driver’s permit.

If this is the first time you’re getting a driver’s license, here’s a complete guide to help you.

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