HATASU has released a new three-wheel e-bike in the Philippines called the HATASU Hero.

The new HATASU Hero comes with an interesting design with eagle-eye headlights and a front splash guard that the company said resembles a superhero mask. Plus, a patented leather roof and back cover similar to a superhero’s cape. It comes in two colorways: Black/Grey and All Black.

Made for running errands, businesses, and more, the Hero has an under-seat and rear compartment to store your groceries, products, and more. Meanwhile, its long handlebar and compact body let you easily navigate through busy and narrow streets.


The said leather roof and back cover ensure your passengers are protected, rain or shine. Speaking of passengers, it can seat 2-3 people and has a maximum load capacity of 250kg.

Under the hood, it has a 650W differential motor with a speed of 20-25kph, paired with an upgraded controller for improved acceleration. HATASU also threw in dual and reverse horns, a motorcycle suspension fork, and a battery that has a range of 60-70kms.


The HATASU Hero has an SRP of Php64,990 and comes with a free gift box worth Php1,790 until supplies last. Buyers from November 15 to December 31 will also earn 5 raffle entries to the HATASU Holiwheels raffle.


HATASU Hero Specs

  • 650W Differential Motor
  • 20-25kph speed
  • 48/60V 35+1A Direct Current controller
  • 60-70kms range
  • 48V32AH Lead-Acid battery
  • Dual eagle-eye headlights
  • Front Flash Guard
  • Roof and Back Leather Cover
  • Motorcycle Suspension Fork
  • Center Shock
  • Front and rear drum braking system
  • 250kgs capacity
  • Tire size: 3.00×12 front, 3.00×10 rear
  • Dimensions: 2160 x 850 x 1710mm

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