It looks like Porsche and Apple may be doing a collab soon.

During its annual press conference, Porsche hinted at some collaborative projects it may be doing with tech giant Apple. CEO Oliver Blume said that Porsche managers went to Apple offices in the US last year to discuss joint projects.


Whether the discussion has something to do with the rumored Apple Car is yet to be known. But earlier last year, it’s been reported that a Porsche VP is now part of the Apple Car development.

What Blume confirmed is that they are planning to expand the Apple CarPlay feature, a smart infotainment system present in most modern cars.

During the said annual press conference, Porsche also said that they aim to have 80% of its new cars in 2030 to be all-electric. While it’s not 100%, it sure feels like a more plausible forecast.

Last year, about 40% of the company’s new cars in Europe are already at least partly electric. The car manufacturer targets to increase that percentage by 2025.

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