Last year, renowned Japanese game developer Square Enix announced that they are creating a mobile game based on the popular anime FullMetal Alchemist. Now, the company has released a trailer detailing the game’s cutscenes, mechanics, and art design.

Not a lot of details about the FullMetal Alchemist Mobile are known other than it will feature CG cutscenes and a retelling of the original story. Now, a new trailer with in-game footage has been launched to give us a more detailed look on the game0. Give it a watch below.


As you just saw, the game will feature a theme song called Spiral, which is performed by the actress who voiced Lan Fan, Nana Mizuki, who will also reprise her role for the game itself.

The game is said to be free-to-play, but the developer will still make money via item-based in-app purchases.

Square Enix says that the game will launch in the Summer of 2022. Japanese fans can now apply to be beta testers until March 22, with the actual tests happening between March 31 and April 8 on Android and iOS devices.

For those who are unfamiliar, FullMetal Alchemist is a manga that came out in 2001 by Hiromu Arakawa, which sold 80 million copies across the world. Since then, the title was made into different anime, novels, and even a live-action film.

We shall hear more from Square Enix about the FullMetal Alchemist Mobile Game in the coming weeks.

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