Yamaha has unveiled its latest electric vehicle concept, the Yamaha Tricera, which features a unique design with three wheels. This groundbreaking vehicle is scheduled to be shown at the Japan Mobility Show 2023 by the end of October.

The new Yamaha Tricera stands out with its delta trike design, consisting of a single rear wheel and two wheels in the front. In contrast to other electric vehicles, it sets itself apart with Yamaha’s addition of triple-wheel steering, which allows for even tighter turns by enabling the rear wheel to pivot alongside the front wheels.

In addition to the standard steering, the Yamaha Tricera offers both manual and automatic steering modes for the rear wheel. Yamaha explains that the manual mode provides drivers the option to drive normally and develop their driving skills.


The Yamaha Tricera also features an open-top structure without doors, providing riders with a more immersive driving experience. Instead of traditional handlebars, the vehicle is equipped with non-movable hand grips for riders to hold onto while the vehicle self-steers. This rider-optional functionality allows the Tricera to balance and drive itself even without human intervention.

Yamaha has a long history in the electric vehicle industry, having introduced the first modern electric bicycle over 30 years ago. Even though the design of the Yamaha Tricera may appear unconventional to some, electric vehicles with the same look have been made before.

Yamaha’s new three-wheeled electric vehicle showcases the company’s continuous innovation in the EV industry. The Tricera’s triple-wheel steering and unique design set it apart from traditional electric vehicles, offering drivers a distinctive driving experience.

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