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CHERRY creates a new ecosystem of products


Cherry, a local conglomerate of tech-related product, has officially introduced an ecosystem of products under its umbrella.

For a long while, beginning in 2009, Cherry Mobile has been a label that sticks to the average Filipino consumers. Now, starting off with a range of good quality products that people can afford, Cherry Mobile has seen an expansion when it ventures into a wider array of gadgets, giving birth also to sub-brands that make up an entire ecosystem.


Those sub-labels include Cherry Mobile, Cherry Prepaid, Cherryroam, Cherry Home, and Cherry Pet, each of which made specially to cater to specific types of consumers.

It has been at least a decade since and Cherry Mobile still remains confident in bringing more quality products to its loyal consumers, especially now that it sets a higher goal—that is, to dominate the Philippine market.


As part of its transition, the original Cherry Mobile label will be dropped and will be coincided with a new logo, which subtly resembles the Yin and Yang for inspiration.

As of writing, there are already a couple of new products that uses the new logo. There’s the Cherry Ion Lite personal Air purifier, Cherry Home Smart UVC disinfecting lamp, Cherry CCTV cameras, and Cherry Pet smart WiFi feeder among others.


The prominence of the CHERRY brand is symbolic of the company’s drive towards a bigger vision (hence, the caps) and would unchain the brand from the constraints of just providing smartphone products, paving way for other innovations.


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