Digital media advertising has become a trend even in the Philippines as the country continues to move forward and embrace technology. One proof of this growth is the massive amount spent on digital media.

In March 2022, Nielsen Ad Intel reports that the digital media spend in the Philippines has reached Php10 billion. Among the top 10 advertisers in the country, the largest is Lazada Philippines with a total of Php1.06 billion.

With Lazada leading, the top 10 digital advertisers include:

BrandBudget Spent
Lazada PhilippinesPhp1.06 billion
Shopee PhilippinesPhp391 million
SpotifyPhp219 million
CasetifyPhp162 million
Riot GamesPhp154 million
Department of TourismPhp127 millon
Nestle PhilippinesPhp120 million
Unilever PhilippinesPhp115 million
PixonicPhp106 million
UI Skin Sciences IncorporatedPhp103 million

This data also allows Nielsen Ad Intel to improve their measurements; thus, it allows digital media participants to monitor and also enhance the way they perform regarding campaigns.

It lets digital media advertisers observe the current competition and adjust the way they publish their advertisements across the internet and on various digital platforms. Therefore, it also secures the future of the Philippines when it comes to the digital market.

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