Have you ever scrolled through your social media feed lately and found numerous people thanking those in the front-line for all their efforts? Those people are medical professionals who risk their lives most especially in light of the coronavirus threat. Do you know gamers can help too even if they’re not medical practitioners?

That’s right, NVIDIA just released an announcement that invited PC gamers to do their part amidst the panic. NVIDIA is an American technology company based in California who designs graphics processing units for both gaming and professional markets.

Now, they are raising awareness that gamers can contribute to fighting COVID-19 by lending their processing power to the [email protected] ([email protected]) project. This is a computing project for disease research such as protein folding (its main purpose), computational drug design, and other sorts of molecular dynamics. [email protected] has garnered interest in the medical field because it has the possibility to assist in drug design to combat different diseases.


This program also connects computers to an international network which makes use of distributed processing power to deal with enormous amounts of computing tasks. Similarly, this is something gaming-grade GPUs are familiar with. No worries, you can take back your GPU for gaming purposes whenever you feel like it.

[email protected] isn’t really something new. This project has been around since the year 2000. Even the PS3 system had it readily available to install back in the day so users would be able to share their distributed power towards all kinds of research.

NVIDIA’s call may be an option, but this is an offer which has a potential to aid researchers in better understanding the coronavirus (COVID-19). Remember that the [email protected]’s function also lies in drug design. This means it’s possible that researchers could develop therapies—if not exactly a drug to cure the pandemic—to ease the spread of the virus.

Now that there’s a chance to help our medical professionals, would you take the offer? Let us know your opinions in the comment section below.

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