The latest report from market research firm IDC is expecting a rise in the prices of gaming PCs, but gaming monitors will see a slight drop.

Up to the year 2025, IDC believes the demand and therefore sales of gaming PCs and monitors will grow. The firm estimates 52.3 million PC shipments in 2025, a 4.8-percent growth based on a five-year compound growth rate, from 41.3 million in 2020.

Monitors, meanwhile, will see faster growth at a 13.2% compound annual growth rate. From 14.2 million shipments in 2020, IDC anticipates 26.4 million in 2025.


The challenges in chip supply, along with problems in logistics, will unfortunately cause gaming PCs to become more expensive. IDC estimates the average sales price will move up to $1,007 in 2025, or $82 more than the $925 average in 2020.

On the other hand, the average price of monitors will lower down to $309 in 2025, or $30 cheaper than the $339 average in 2020.

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