Whenever you come across an ad with a panic-inducing warning that claims your Android device is infected with malware, chances are the ad is tricking you into downloading an antivirus that is malware itself.

Devious cybercriminals know how people have clouded judgments when they’re overwhelmed by feelings of urgency. For instance, the latest scareware that’s spreading around, FluBot, is sending mass texts with a link that then displays a warning page about malware being detected in the device.


The message then offers a solution by downloading and installing a security update. Users who feel the need to take immediate action will likely click on the install button, but this actually leads them to install FluBot itself into their system.

Once inside the device, FluBot hides in the background to perform other nefarious tasks. It can steal personal and banking information by overlaying fake pages on top of legitimate banking apps.

Source: CERT NZ

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