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Huawei is seeking to venture into PC, monitor business


Amid controversy that sees Huawei pressed in a trade ban and a growing competition in the local market, the giant Chinese tech company is seeking to expand its portfolio by wanting to venture into PC and monitor business, a reliable source claims.

However, it is claimed that the company will not necessarily reinvent the wheel for the monitors as they will feature physical layouts already seen before—flat or curved.

According to the report, two companies will be working with Huawei in the business venture. TPV Technology will be sourcing the curved displays while BOEVT, a subsidiary company to BOE, will be producing the flat display monitors. It also mentioned that Huawei is planning to take on Xiaomi in the PC and monitor business.

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Allegedly, the curved display monitors will come in two variants—27- and 34-inch—and are likely targeted towards the gaming market. Meanwhile, the flat monitors will come in three varieties, without yet any specifics.

Aside from the monitor business, Huawei appears keen in entering the PC market which will highlight technologies produced in China, including both software and hardware. 

Particularly, with the partnership with the UOS, a China-made operating system made by Wuhan ShenZiDuo Technology and China Electronics Group, as well as Huawei’s own custom processor, the HiSilicon 7nm Kunpeng 920 3211K.

The PC side of the business will go through Foxconn as the manufacturer.

Source: ITHome

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