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Themes may have been an integral part of the Windows operating system, officially since Windows 7, but was largely ignored by the same company who developed the popular OS. This was all set to change, however, as Microsoft rolled out the Creators Update for Windows 10.

As a feature that was to be made internal to Windows 10 (as it should be) rather than external to it, the aforementioned themes is made accessible to users who made the jump to the update via the Windows Store.


This means that the themes which users will apply as unique embellishment to their computer will all likely be Microsoft-approved quality and be gotten from an official platform.

While trivial for the average users who only use their computers to browse the internet or connect to various people via the social media, sophisticated users who would like to stray from the common by personalizing the way their device’s system looks to find value in the re-implementation of themes to the latest iteration of Windows.

Whether or not you are into themes, here is how you can get more personal with your Windows 10 computer after updating with the Creators Update:

Step 1: Right-click at an empty space at anywhere in the Windows desktop. Choose Personalize from the menu.


Step 2: Click on “Themes” on the left side of the Settings > Personalization page.

Step 3: Look on the right side section of the same page under the “Themes” section and find a label which says “Apply a theme.” Below it is a Windows logo icon and a text which says “Get more themes in the store.” This is a clickable button, so click on it and you will be directed to the Windows Store with all the Windows Themes on it.


Step 4: Choose the theme of your choice (each theme will be displayed in a thumbnail for immediate previewing) by intuitively clicking and applying on it.


In cases when you find a certain theme not to your liking, the devs at Microsoft has incorporated an option that will let you uninstall a downloaded theme from your computer. To do so, simply choose another theme if the theme to be deleted is currently applied and right-click on the theme you want to be removed by clicking on the option “Delete.”

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