Windows 11 is coming, and it’s not for everyone. That’s because, in terms of hardware, Microsoft released a set of minimum requirements that excludes most PCs released before 2019.

However, Microsoft announced late last week that it won’t be necessarily stopping users with older hardware from installing the upcoming operating system.

There’s just one big catch, though: Windows 11 installed on unsupported PCs may not receive updates, possibly including security updates. Microsoft didn’t say it with finality when it told The Verge, so there’s a chance they’ll change their minds.


If you insist on installing Windows 11 on old hardware, you will be able to do so by getting Windows 11 as an ISO file. Users whose computers meet the hardware requirements can simply upgrade via Windows Updates. It’s a free upgrade for Windows 10 users.

In short, there’s technically stopping you from installing Windows 11 on old hardware. Heck, even a student managed to run it on a five-year-old Lumia 950 XL.

And yet there’s still no denying Microsoft has made the transition to Windows 11 a confusing mess. Need help determining if your PC is eligible for Windows 11? Here’s Microsoft’s official guide on the minimum system requirements. There’s the PC Health Check app too.

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