We all depend on electricity for almost everything we do. It powers our work, our cooking at home, and even our outdoor adventures off the grid. There’s no doubt that power interruptions can be really inconvenient. But with BLUETTI’s Power Week sale this September, you can change the way you handle power outages and live off the grid.

Power interruptions? No problem

The recent typhoons in the Philippines have caused power outages, which has made life inconvenient for many people. But with BLUETTI AC300, you can stay connected and powered during such emergencies.

The AC300 is a modular, 16-outlet, 3,000W inverter. It can be paired with one to four B300 batteries, giving you a flexible capacity of up to 12,288Wh. In case of power outages, the AC300 has a 24/7 UPS mode that quickly powers essential home appliances in as fast as 20 milliseconds.


With a basic setup, you can run an AC refrigerator rated at 800W for 12 hours, a microwave for 10 hours, and a 40W CPAP machine for up to 260 hours. And if you need even more power, you can combine two AC300 systems with the Fusion Box Pro (P030A), giving you a total output of 6,000W and a capacity of 24,576Wh. This ensures uninterrupted day-to-day living for your family, even during extended outages that last weeks.

BLUETTI AC300 & B300

SRP: Php249,800

Discounted Price: Php169,800 (save Php80,000)

Want to go off-grid? Stay connected with BLUETTI

Getting away to an off-grid cabin is a great way to find peace and connect with nature. Whether you’re building your own cabin or starting your off-grid journey with one, having a reliable power source is crucial for staying connected to the world.

Introducing the AC200MAX from BLUETTI, a powerful device that provides 4,800W starting power and running power of 2,200W. This is enough to easily operate power tools like leaf blowers, electric saws, and drills. Plus, it has a generous amount of outlets, including four 12V DC ports, five USB ports, four 120V/20A and one 120V/30A AC port, and even two wireless charging pads.

With multiple options, you can charge all your batteries, appliances, and electronics hassle-free. The AC200MAX is a 2,048Wh powerhouse that supports fast 900W solar charging, allowing it to fully recharge in only 3 to 3.5 hours. In case you need more power, you can expand its capacity to 8,192Wh by adding two B230 expansion batteries.


The BLUETTI AC180 generator is another great option for off-grid living. It weighs only 36 lbs and is more compact compared to other generators. It can provide 1,800W of power and even up to 2,700W in power lifting mode. This allows you to run devices like electric kettles and dryers easily. The AC180 also has responsive UPS features, making it a reliable backup power source during unexpected power interruptions. With a capacity of 1,152Wh, this power station offers a quiet and greene alternative to traditional gas generators.

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SRP: Php189,800
Discounted Price: Php79,800 (save Php110,000)


SRP: Php75,999
Discounted Price: Php49,980 (save Php26,019)

Power source for outdoor adventures


Summer is the time for outdoor adventures like hiking, fishing, camping, rafting, and taking beautiful pictures. BLUETTI’s EB3A with the PV200 solar panel is an excellent companion for these activities. It’s lightweight, weighing only 10 lbs, but still provides 600W of AC power and 268Wh capacity.

With this power station, you can charge an iPhone up to 25 times and drone up to 4.5 times. To make it even better, you can connect it to the PV200 folding solar panels and charge it with solar power at 200W, ensuring you always have enough power for your outdoor gadgets.


SRP: Php74,600
Discounted Price: Php36,399 (save Php38,201)

BLUETTI Power Week is the perfect opportunity to get the best power stations with up to 61% discount. You definitely don’t want to miss out on these incredible limited-time offers. For more information, visit BLUETTI’s official website here: https://www.bluettipower.ph

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