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MSI Philippines’ Back to School Promo wants to gear you up for the upcoming school year.

MSI is offering huge discounts to their current notebooks and gaming laptops from  May 26 – June 7, 2017. Other than the discounts, MSI will also be giving free bundles depending on the product you’ll purchase.  Besides your new laptop, you can also take home a briefcase, gaming backpack, SteelSeries mouse, SteelSeries Siberia V2 headset, and more.

MSI has a full list of products included in the promo to fit here. But we’ve taken some of the most interesting deals on the list:

The MSI GE72VR gaming laptop will be bundled with SteelSeries Siberia V2. This gaming headset is one of the most underrated product in the industry today. MSI is also throwing in a GE Gaming Backpack to make sure you’re always portable and ready to go.

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MSI Back to School Promo gives discounts on laptops, freebies

This next one is literally on the next level. The MSI GE62 Apache Pro Camo Squad will come with bunch of matching freebies. There’s a Camo Squad Bag, a water bottle, mouse pad and a dog tag — all in camo print.

MSI GE62 Apache Pro Camo Squad

To check out the full promo listing, you can go to MSI’s Facebook post.

And to make things more exciting, MSI is also introducing the DoTA 2 International Raffle Draw. The grand prize winner will win a The International 7 Finals ticket and a round trip airfare to Seattle, USA where the DoTA 2 Internationals will be held. Other prizes include a GE62 HotS Laptop, CoolerMaster Keyboards and much more.

MSI Philippines Back to School Promo

Purchasing an MSI laptop that’s included in the Back to School promo entitles you with different quantities of entries. A GL Model will give you 1 entry, and it can go up to 5 entries with the GT Model. To learn more, you can check out the mechanics here.

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