If you’ve seen Voltes V when you were young, we’re certain that you’re also familiar with Daimos, which is a similar anime featuring robots, romance, and family.

GMA Network has adapted Voltes V with the upcoming Voltes V: Legacy, which features a Filipino cast, writers, and a Filipino-made animation that’s been gaining praise internationally. These are just some of the shows 90’s kids love growing up.

With all the attention the upcoming Voltes V adaptation is getting, it’s not impossible that Daimos is up next.


In fact, GMA Network Senior Vice President Annette Gozon-Valdes said in an interview that the idea of a Filipino adaptation of Daimos is being tossed around.

When asked about the upcoming big projects for the GMA network, Gozon-Valdes said that “We’re planning on ‘Daimos’ sana.”

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Much like Voltes V, Daimos was also produced by Toei Animation. First aired in 1978, the story revolved around the inhabitants of planet Baam that aims to occupy Earth after their home have been destroyed.

Daimos is piloted by Richard, which eventually falls in love with Erika, the daughter of the late Baam leader.

Via: GMA News Online

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