Back in January, I was looking for something that could make my Galaxy S4 look and feel more sturdy. The performance is very nice and all that, but the feel of the phone is really bad. So I finally started searching for a new case that’s not the typical ones I could get at the malls.

I previously owned several Swisstech and no name cases before but I never liked them so much. In fact, I would remove them in just a couple days and return to the stock S4 look. But this time, I wanted something better.

I looked up cases on Amazon and found the Urban Armor Gear case for the Galaxy S4. I initially thought of buying the Otterbox Commuter to fully protect my device, but I decided to go with a slimmer one which the UAG provides. That’s why I settled for it after reading some reviews from past and current owners.


The case is also available on their official website, but I ordered it from Amazon just to be on the safe side. If you’ve been following our blog for a while now, you would probably know that I use Globe’s GCash AMEX a lot when I’m purchasing stuff online because super convenient to use and I was able to connect my BPI account too. I can easily load up my AMEX account by dialing *119# and I’m all set to buy to online shops like Amazon or buy apps and games at the App Store and Google Play. Since I use this almost all the time, it’s a lot faster because I don’t need to enter my Globe GCash AMEX account details as it’s already associated with my account.

I got the Navigator white for my Galaxy S4 and Outland orange for Patrick’s Galaxy S3. Both of them cost somewhere around $25 each. During the time I ordered, there are slight differences on the price depending on the color but it’s just a dollar or so. No biggie. I paid it and waited for it delivered to the My-ShoppingBox forwarding service. After several days, I received an email that it was already in their warehouse so I paid the amount due which was more or less $10 for Air Freight.


I received the cases on our doorsteps after 3 weeks. The case really amazed me as it’s really sleek and it gave my Galaxy S4 a more premium look. It’s also not that thick so it’s not that bothering at all. I’ve had it for more than 2 weeks now and I never regret buying it.

The UAG cases are also available for iPhones, iPads, Galaxy, and the HTC One. If you want to protect your device, I highly recommend getting UAG.

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  1. When buying from Amazon using Globe’s GCash Amex, don’t they charge importation fees/taxes? Just the shipping fee? So if it says free shipping, they will only charge the item’s cost?