The inevitable might be happening real soon: Physical copies of video games may go away as the majority of the sales in 2022 are digital copies.

According to data from Newzoo, 94.2% of video game sales in 2022 were from digital stores. That’s compared to the physical or “boxed” copies. This means that only 5.8% of game sales were through physical transactions.

Still, it’s worth noting that the data may be a little skewed considering that there are a lot of companies who insist on not sharing their sales data through their digital platforms.


It should also be noted that the data might be off due to PC gamers as 98% of them are buying their games digitally. In comparison, console games’ digital copies only amount to 72% of their sales, which is less pronounced than PC games.

The said data was based on video game sales revenue instead of the number of units sold. Still, this information is important for game companies to foresee future trends and allow them to make adjustments.

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Other than the sales numbers of PC games, one reason why digital purchases are higher than physical ones is indie games. As you know, the developers of these titles are on a tight budget prohibiting them from producing physical copies of their games. Hence, they distribute their games through digital stores.

Source: Game Industry

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