Chinese gamers will soon find themselves forced to use their real names as identification instead of alias as the Communist government seeks to simplify the monitoring of its people and their game usage.

The new rule is expected to rollout sometime next month.

As per Abacus, the word about the upcoming guideline was announced last Friday via a state media, which coincides China’s biggest video game expo, ChinaJoy.

With its gaming population as the target, the application of the new rule will start from the game developers. According to a Communist Party’s Central Publicity Department official, Feng Shixin, their participation in the system will take place in batches.


Big and popular companies like NetEase and Tencent were already aboard in the scheme, citing some of their games having a mandatory facial recognition as a means for verifying identity.

In addition, Feng also claims that the institution is actively involved in checking whether or not the video games that circulate the country comply to the government’s existing laws.

Already in the works for some time now, this will-be implemented system makes a small part of China’s means for censorship using policies and technology, popularly referred to in the West as the “Great Firewall of China.” 

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