Blizzard Entertainment’s longstanding dungeon-crawling franchise gets a new installment with Diablo Immortal and gets a surprising a-day-early launch (Western time) on Android and iOS as opposed to the expected Thursday release date.

That is not only what Blizzard has under its sleeves, however. Despite having originally been announced to be mobile-exclusive, Diablo Immortal made another major revelation earlier this year when it was announced for a PC launch as well. 

Unlike its mobile counterparts, the PC release will be on time for tomorrow’s rollout.

Players on both mobile and PC will be able to experience the game together, thanks to the game’s cross-play support.


Players eager to explore early some of the highlights of the game, particularly the class variants, will be able to do so by being able to switch classes mid-campaign. All the while not losing their progression. 

While much of the gaming world will be enjoying Diablo Immortal on its fresh launch, those in Belgium and Netherlands unfortunately will not be. This comes following the two countries’ strong measures against gambling, due to the game’s loot box system. 

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