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DOTA Underlords open beta launches on Android, iOS and PC

It’s set to combat the Popular DOTA 2 Mod, DOTA Auto Chess

The turn-based strategy game is on demand these days and Valve is capitalizing on its popularity.

DOTA Underlords is a turn-based strategy game where players try to conquer the city of White Spire. Unlike Auto Chess, DOTA Underlords will be incorporating the DOTA characters and lore into the game. The game was originally made available for DOTA 2 Battle Pass owners but now, anyone can try the game for free.

The plan for the game is to be free for a few months, in order to gain some attention, before it becomes fully launched. The complete game is expected to include more Underlords characters, competitive or ranked play and seasonal changes. Along with this, cross-play is expected to be introduced to the game as well.

As of now, you can play standard matches against seven other players online, multiple difficulties of bots and you can even team up with a friend to battle other players or AI. If I were you, I would take this as an opportunity to hone your skills before they release the ranked mode.

On a related note, Riot Games and League of Legends are also working on a Chess game. Recently, they announced Teamfight Tactics, an Auto Chess game mode that will be also be added to the League of Legends game soon.

DOTA Underlords is currently available for download on Steam, Google and iOS App Store.

Haven’t played the game yet? What are you waiting for? Go download the game now.


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