The gaming PC market is at an all-time high — especially during the health crisis, where some people found an excuse to build one as it can also be used for work or school.

Gaming PCs allow you to enter the esports market, which is currently valued at USD1.38 billion or roughly Php77 billion. What’s more, it is expected to grow higher to USD1.87 billion by 2025. With this, more people are interested in pursuing a career in competitive gaming.



If you want to be serious about competitive gaming, or you just want to make it a full-on hobby, then you would need a capable computer. The question is, how much should you spend to get one?

E-commerce platform Picodi did the numbers to see how much each part would cost and total them to see how much you need to spend to have a ‘perfect’ gaming PC. Let’s see them below:

How much does a perfect gaming PC cost in the Philippines?

To come up with the prices to build the perfect gaming PC, Picodi used Steam’s Hardware Survey to figure out the most popular PC components this 2022. They then checked Filipino stores to see individual prices.

Graphics Card / GPUPhp25,890
RAM / MemoryPhp5,780
Power Supply / PSUPhp6,750
Computer CasePhp5,530
Operating SystemPhp5,500

Now, as for the games, Picodi estimates that a gamer will spend Php29,520 per year, assuming that they will buy one game per month.


This put the Philippines in the 28th rank in the countries across the world where building the perfect PC is the most expensive. Topping the said list is Argentina, where they need to spend USD4,238 (around Php234,900) to get a gaming PC. At the bottom of the list is Poland, where gamers will only have to spend USD1,547 (around Php85,700) to make a similar gaming machine.

You can check the full list below.


Will you spend that much on a gaming PC? How much is your budget? We’re interested to learn in the comments below.

Source: Picodi

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