Fortnite vehicle

Ah yes, the Shopping Cart. One of the greatest modes of transportation of all time has arrived in Fortnite. 

Some Fortnite fans were clamouring about adding vehicles to the game and Epic Games finally gave them what they wanted. Although, it’s probably not the type of “vehicle” the players expected.

The shopping cart can be used on your own. You get to push the cart and eventually ride the cart once it gets enough speed. This is perfect for quick drive-bys.

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But the true potential of the shopping cart is unlocked when two players are using it. One player gets to push the cart while the other rides the cart and shoots enemies on the move. Can you imagine a player shooting a minigun while riding the shopping cart?

As of now, it’s the only mode of transportation available in the game. Details about new vehicles added to the game are still unknown to this point.

Hopefully, we can get cool and balanced “vehicles” like these in the near future.

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