Google Stadia, the much-awaited cloud gaming service, is coming this November 19, 2019!

The Google Stadia release date was announced at yesterday’s Made by Google event which was held in New York. Now, users can play games through Stadia on their TVs, computers and even Google Pixel Phones. Including the also announced Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL devices.


Starting on November 19, 2019, users can start purchasing games and eventually play them in an instant. Installing new games on your consoles or PCs has always been an unwanted step in the entire gaming process.

Depending on your internet connection and the game file size, it’ll take you another 2 hours before you can start playing your new game. Enter Google Stadia, a cloud based gaming service where you can play your favorite games in an instant – no downloads required!


Currently, there are 2 Editions released for Google Stadia. Namely, the Google Stadia Founder’s Edition and the Premiere Edition. Both the Founder’s and Premiere Editions will come with a Chromecast Ultra device, 3-Month Stadia Pro subscription, and Bungie’s Full Destiny 2 Collection. The Google Stadia Pro will cost USD9.99/mo (~Php500).

The main difference between the two editions would be the Stadia Controller design. The Google Stadia Founder’s Edition controller will have a limited edition Night Blue color while the Google Stadia Premiere Edition controller will come in White color. If you pre-order the Founder’s Edition you’ll also get a buddy pass that gives a friend 3-month access to test out Stadia.


Meanwhile, the Google Stadia Pro is claiming that playing on their service will give you 4K/60p HDR quality, 5.1 surround sound and free games for you to try. Let’s all hope that they can live up to their word.



As of now, Google Stadia will only be available in the UK, US, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, and Sweden. Let’s hope that this service makes their way into Asia, especially in the Philippines, soon!

What do you guys think of Google Stadia? Are you planning to subscribe once they arrive in the PH? Let us know down in the comments section!

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