A new Harry Potter game—and not to be confused with the recently released Hogwarts Legacy—was just launched, and it is playable on mobile now.

Dubbed Harry Potter: Magic Awakened, the game is described as an MMO with card-collecting and wizard-dueling in addition to strategy and RPG elements. The game takes place ten years after the events of the Battle of Hogwarts as seen in The Deathly Hallows, thus giving players a view of both new and familiar characters alike throughout the game.

But no, players do not take control of the eponymous protagonist of the franchise. Rather, like in Hogwarts Legacy, players are put in the shoe of new blood in the famed school of witches and wizards, which they can completely customize to characterize themselves or suit their taste.


Players will likely spend most of their time waving their wands, chanting, and casting spells against their opponent, including in a multiplayer duel. However, the game is making the experience extra engaging with additional features, such as the ability to explore Hogwarts and solve the mysteries that lie within, browse the shops in Diagon Alley for new stuff or better equipment, show their groove at the Dance Club, visit the Forbidden Forest, and a lot more.

It has been a major gripe among the fans and player base of Hogwarts Legacy about the lack of a multiplayer aspect in the game. But while whether that wanted feature will soon see an inclusion in the game remains uncertain, players of Harry Potter: Magic Awakened are nonetheless never going to be disappointed with its approach to cooperative or competitive combat against other players.

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened can be downloaded for free on Android and iOS devices.

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