Fried chicken fans, rejoice! One of the biggest fast-food restaurants in the world, KFC, has released a gaming console. In line with the theme, it also has a built-in chicken warmer.

As per checking, it’s not April 1, so this thing is real — as a marketing stunt, at least. Dubbed as the KFConsole, you can now play video games while eating a warm chicken.

This wonder of a machine was introduced by KFC Gaming page on Twitter, revealing its full design — and from what it looks like, it doesn’t look too shabby.

This stealthy case, which mimics the chicken bucket design, was created by PC peripheral and component maker Cooler Master. Co-created by Swedish hardware modder TimePlay, the console directs the heat from the CPU to a special chamber, thus heating the chicken.


The case has a matte black design, with the chicken chamber on the front, accompanied by KFC-signature red accents on the light under glow, power button, and the branding itself.

If you still can’t believe it, the KFConsole actually has a full set of specs list. This machine is powered by an Intel Nuc 9 extreme, 1TB Seagate Barracuda SSD, and an ASUS RTX 2070 mini GPU inside, which is swappable.



It’s not clear if the KFConsole will actually make it to the market. But if it does, it may cost around USD1,000 (around Php48,000) and up, just like most NUC 9 computers.

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