After dominating the life simulation genre for what seems to be forever, Electronic Arts may finally be getting a run for its money with the introduction of Paradox’s Life By You—the latest developing title in a game that revolves around the player’s life in a simulated environment, involving, but not limited to, non-playable characters (NPCs).

A real word about Paradox’s newest title had been forthcoming. That is, following what was initially a lackluster attempt at bringing to life the idea of a Sims competitor with nothing but a mere statement and nothing to show for it.

However, with the recently released trailer, it seems that Paradox is not bluffing about the notion, after all. And there appears to be plenty to be hyped about in this up-and-coming sim game.

Open World

EA’s The Sims have been largely a sandbox game but with the ability to move around places. But what if the world by which the players are engaged is more expansive and open-world and not simply contained in a small sandbox? This seems to be an interesting premise that Life By You is presenting.

Life Simulator

What is a sim title if not to emulate what happens in real life? For the most part, this is what makes the genre overall such an engaging experience as it gives people a slice of life, albeit in a virtual setting. And like many things that happen in video games, the possibilities are endless in these games.


Want to have a backyard garden where there are plenty of greens? Then, plant and tend to your garden. Want a great ability to make food? Then, learn some recipes and cook. Or do you just want a relationship with someone else? Then, by all means, make one and even seal the deal. All of it is in-game.


Part of what makes having a community of NPCs in any game is to have someone you can interact with. In Life By You, conversations will make for an interesting highlight as the game tailors how NPCs react to your character.



Although largely cosmetics, customization will play a large role in Life By You’s replayability. Aside from what the game will already provide, this interest is also greatly fueled by individual creativity, thanks to the tools that Paradox is leaving the players to toy with.

Exclusive on the PC via Steam and Epic Games, Life By You will be entering Early Access on September 12, 2023.

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