After being spearheaded by Pokemon Go, more and more Augmented Reality games are coming out for mobile. Minecraft Earth is an all new augmented reality game that players can play on their mobile phones. The game allows the users  to bring the Minecraft Universe into our very own.

By playing the Minecraft Earth, you’ll be able to build structures and other creations with your friends. After building said structures, you can go ahead and place them in the “real” world, at scale.

Just like Pokemon Go, exploring your surrounding areas play a huge factor in succeeding through the game. Players will need to visit the neighborhoods around them in order to collect Minecraft Blocks that will be used in creating structures.

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As you explore different parts of your neighborhood, players will get to discover exciting new mobs that you can use in your builds. When exploring, you still need to proceed with caution, as you might encounter some dangerous Minecraft mobs in real life.

A closed beta of Minecraft Earth will be available soon. It will likely be released to select geographical regions only. After that, the game is expected to be released worldwide.

Technologically advanced indeed, the game is expected to work on iOS and Android smartphones which have six degrees of tracking. It also uses Apple and Google’s ARKit and ARCore software underneath it. The game will also be free-to-play so there’s some good news for you.

Who’s excited for the new Minecraft Earth AR Game? Let us know what you think down in the comments section.

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