Overwatch, Blizzard’s popular online co-op shooter, has just recently launched a contest asking creative individuals across South East Asia to design maps of their choosing for the game. 

A participant from the Philippines named Alben Tan joined the event by making an entry, featuring Davao in one of its specific landmark and overtones to globally-recognized brands. Appropriately enough, Tan named his creation “Control Map: Davao.”

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Based on his Facebook post, the Pinoy designer claimed to have received an email from the Overwatch SEA Map Design coordinators telling him of having “passed the initial review” process.

In the same post, Alben Tan showcased his creations via multiple concept images as seen in their full, high-resolution glory. You can find the full set of photos below.

Consequently, Tan is asking support to vote for his entry (#002) within the Overwatch SEA Map Design Contest Artworks voting page here

What do you think of Control Map: Davao? Is it good enough to be an official Overwatch map?

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