The Sony PlayStation 5 is one of the two highly-anticipated game consoles arriving later this year.

Sony has already revealed all the specs for the upcoming PlayStation 5, but there’s one key detail that’s still missing — the design.


But just recently, Sony surprised everyone when they revealed the DualSense controller for the PS5.

It’s considered as the best PS controller design since the first generation. It comes with adaptive trigger buttons and haptic feedback, which will make you feel the game in your hands for a. immersive experience. Plus, new features that are a step up from the previous versions.


However, the biggest improvement here is the new sleek and clean design, which gives us a hint on what the actual console would look like.

To materialize the design that’s on our imagination, LetsGoDigital — the people behind the initial PS5 renders — and their in-house designer, Snoreyn, created new concept renders of the PlayStation 5 that is based on the official DualSense controller design.

Concept render | LetsGoDigital, Snoreyn

As you can see, the light bar surrounding the controller’s touchpad plays a big role in PS5’s design. The designer imagines the PS5 with the same light bars on the sides, which works well on either white or black color models.

Concept render | LetsGoDigital, Snoreyn

It also looks like the PlayStation 5 will retain that thin and flat build, which you can lay vertically or horizontally on a surface. Quite a different route than what the Xbox Series X‘s design is taking.

Concept render | LetsGoDigital, Snoreyn

There are strips of grills on the corners that should help with the thermals. Meanwhile, the slot for 4K blue-ray disk is still on the front, while the whole range of ports selection, including one for a 120Hz 4K TV, is on the back.

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Hopefully, the actual PlayStation 5 that Sony will unveil will look close to this. We’ll have more details about it in the coming months. In the meantime, you can also check LetsGoDigital’s packaging box concept for the PS5 pictured above.

Source: LetsGoDigital

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