PlayStation Plus subscribers who enrolled in the program thinking that they would get indefinite access to games offered, so long as they have an active subscription, are in for a disappointment following Sony’s revelation about the case—at least, among PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium subscribers.

Certain titles on both the PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium will be leaving the services soon, much to the dismay of subscribers. However, the setback is greater still to those who were under the presumption that the games rendered in either service will remain accessible to those who have at least managed to add them to their libraries. But as it turns out, it is not the case.

In other words, once the titles from both PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium are already out of the picture, they will no longer be accessible again.


In an official blog post, Sony went into the details to explain why that would be the case. The gist of it is that similar to PS Now, any content given by PS Plus (Extra and Premium) will not become accessible once they leave the service.

But while that official statement may indeed leave a bad taste to those who may still be a recipient of the higher-end PS Plus program, specifically for its “free games,” it is worth mentioning that “PS Plus” also extends to both PS Plus Essentials and PS Plus Collection. And fortunately for those who support either of these two programs, access to their games is promised to be indefinite, even if the titles go out of service, so long as they were previously added to the user’s library.

PS Plus Essentials, PS Plus Extra, and PS Plus Premium are the three different plans under the PS Plus program, following a recent rebranding by Sony.

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