Since the emergence of video games, so many players have resorted to cheating or hacking to gain an unfair advantage. These players have previously used hacks to give themselves special powers in the game, like speed boost, wallhacks or aim assist, thereby removing a level playing field. 

Hackers have found it easy on mobile games since developers are forced to cut corners with the pressure of keeping the file size of the game to minimum. Hackers and cheaters around the world have frequently targeted PUBG MOBILE since its release.

And as the game’s popularity continues to grow, new ways are being found and implemented to breach the system. Developers of multiplayer games have often come up with new updates and software upgrades but are still in a game of cat and mouse with hackers. This has prompted some developers to create a secure anti-hack system like the anti-spectator wallhack from Tencent

PUBG Mobile is not far behind Garena Free Fire, which certainly has a bigger problem with hackers. Nevertheless, the game developers has taken steps to ensure a level playing field with the introduction of the anti-wallhack when on spectator mode. In addition, Tencent also claimed to have found a new wallhack as the Ban Pan security system was being investigated.


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How does the PUBG Mobile spectator wallhack work?

During game play, some players of the team deliberately eliminate themselves and then spectate for their teammates. These players while spectating, use wallhacks to give the location of other players to their teammates.

PUBG Mobile’s security engineers after the discovery of the hack, has recreated the teammate spectating system and developed the anti-spectator wallhack. This feature prevents areas not visible to players in the match to be uploaded to the field of view of spectators. 

The introduction of the anti-spectator wallhack prevents hackers from seeing anything that is not in the field of view of spectators. Before now, the spectating system which retains the whole state of the match, allows players with wallhack to self eliminate and turn to spectators, so as to reveal the positions of opponents to their teammates.

PUBG Mobile zero-tolerance policy towards cheating has been reaffirmed, with hope of providing for everyone a fair gaming environment. Cheaters who get caught are issued a 10-year ban.

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