PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is set to release their newest map, Sanhok, on PC this June 22 and it looks like it will be released on the Xbox One soon as well. It was announced during Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference that it will be released this Summer. As of now, we don’t have an exact release date on the Xbox One just yet.

The PUBG Sanhok map PC version underwent rounds and rounds of Beta testing before being officially announced to be released this June 22. The new map is said to be smaller than the original one which is better, in my opinion.

It makes every gamer paranoid knowing that there might be a player near to you always. The new map will surely cause players frantic. This wasn’t the case for the original and larger maps as you somewhat had more “freedom” and time exploring.


PUBG Corp also released a trailer at Microsoft’s E3 Press conference. The trailer featured the new¬† Sanhok Map and at the end teased another map that will feature snow. It is expected that the 4th map will be released in Winter of 2018.

The trailer also revealed that War Mode will be heading to the console version as well. War Mode is the squad deathmatch mode from the PC Version.

Who’s excited about the new map?

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