Game developer Ubisoft announced that one of its most popular franchises, the Rainbow Six Siege, is coming to mobile devices.

Like the console version, the Rainbow Six Mobile is a 5v5 defend and attack FPS game that features tons of specialist gizmos and even destructible environments.


The mobile version looks and feels a lot like the original version. Still, the game is meant to be played on small, controller-less, touchscreen devices. Hence, expect to see a couple of changes.

Obviously, the HUD has been redesigned to work better on smartphones. Matches are also shorter with best-of-three rounds.



It also appears to have fewer choices of maps and operators — at least at launch. Classic locations like the Bank and Border have been confirmed to be available as well as “the most popular Rainbow Six operators.”


As seen on the official renders, the game will include Bandit, Caveira, Valkyrie, Mute, Thermite, Ash, Sledge, Smoke, Twitch, and Hibana. They will all be equipped with their classic primary and secondary weapons, gadgets, and equipment.

Although shorter, the modes will be the same as the classic Rainbow Six Siege.

The Rainbow Six Mobile was developed by Ubisoft Montreal for Android and iOS devices with the release date yet to be announced. But, interested players can now register via the Ubisoft website.

It’s one of the many popular console games coming to the popular mobile platform right next to Apex Legends, Call of Duty: Warzone, Valorant Mobile, and more.

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