While Sony PlayStation 5 obviously takes the front seat when talking about popular gaming consoles that are about to hit the market, Microsoft’s next-generation flagship Xbox Series X was also featured in several leaks.

A recent report tips the console to get launched in November with what should be the company’s largest lineup ever. What we haven’t really heard a lot about is the cheaper Xbox Series S which will tag along with the flagship console.

We have new rumors from Moore’s Law is Dead on YouTube saying that Microsoft could possibly be estimating the Xbox Series S’ price at anywhere from $250 to $300. This should be the perfect pricing to take on the PlayStation 5, which is expected to retail for anywhere between $400 to $600. 

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Although it is cheaper, the Xbox Series won’t lose much in terms of the hardware. Compared to the Xbox Series X, the Xbox Series S will adopt an incredibly small design and similar internals with the flagship version. The console will feature a semi-custom APU comprised of Zen 2 CPU cores. It will also come with RDNA 2 GPU cores, as well as GDDR6 memory.

Xbox Series S will also have an ultra fast PCIe 4.0 storage. However, it will have less RAM but a decent 10GB GDDR6, instead of the 16GB GDRR6 memory that will be equipped on the Series X.

The production price of the Xbox Series S is estimated to be around $280 but Microsoft is said to be committed to bringing it down to $249 even though they’ll be running at a loss of around $30 per console. 

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