Marvel Duel, a new strategy card mobile game, is now available for download.

Game developer NetEase games just announced that Marvel Duel can now be downloaded on Android and iOS devices in the Philippines, as well as in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. The game is available for free on both platforms.

Marvel Duel is a card game with 3D multiplayer combat, sporting high-resolution characters showcasing their abilities in great detail stunning graphics.

The game lets you collect and unlock over 150 Marvel superheroes and villains. From Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man, Elektra, Thanos, and more. You can fill your deck with different heroes and villains to form a line-up with unique tactics and strategies. Heck, you can even have Iron Man and Thanos on the same team, or have the Thor and Loki brothers fight alongside each other.


It also features authentic Marvel storylines and lets you participate in PVE (player versus environment) modes. The developer also included battlefield companions such as Chewie, Throg, and Cosmo to guide you through battles.

To play Marvel Duel, simply head to your iPhone’s App Store or Android’s Google Play Store and get it for free. In-game purchases are also available. Pre-register on the game and get up to a 10x general expansion pack.

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