Sony’s woes regarding its latest PlayStation 5 console doesn’t seem to end. After production and supply issues, the company is now being sued over an alleged controller defect.

Last Friday, a class-action lawsuit filed in the Southern District of New York is accusing Sony of committing consumer fraud and breaching warranty agreement due to an apparent defect on the PS5 DualSense controller.


The lawsuit was filed after law firm Chimicles Schwartz Kriner and Donaldson-Smith set up a webpage that solicits reports regarding issues with the PS5 controllers. The same law firm is one of those who are working on the suit.

In the class-action suit, it’s being alleged that the PS5 DualSense controllers have a defect called “drift”, which forces characters or the elements in the game to move without the player touching anything.


The complaint says that the defect “significantly interferes with gameplay”, which then compromises the controller’s core functionality.

Lmarc Turner, the plaintiff, said that the drift issue was experienced the day he purchased the latest console in early February. Turner then contacted customer service, followed the troubleshooting instructions, but the problem persisted.

Since the troubleshooting from Sony themselves didn’t work, Turner had no choice but to purchase another DualSense controller a few days later, which costs USD69.99.

As per the suit, if Turner was aware of the Drift issue, he wouldn’t have purchased a PS5 — or would have paid less for it.


What’s worse, Sony is apparently aware of the issue after the consumer complaints it got directly, online, and even from its own testing before releasing the product.

The issue has been reported by the media and people on social media. The said issue, also known as “Stick drift”, is also an issue in previous console controllers from different brands.

What’s worse, controller complaints have apparently been put on the back burner in Sony’s dedicated portal. Some complainants also face long waiting times before they can speak with a customer service agent.

It also claims users have to shoulder the shipping cost when sending the replacement back to Sony, and the company doesn’t offer reimbursement. A recent firmware and software update also didn’t address the said defect.



With that, the class action lawsuit wants Sony to push a recall or free replacement program to fix the issue for all the class members. They should also compensate customers who made out-of-pocket expenses to fix the defect.

Other than this lawsuit and supply issues, earlier this month, Sony claims that they are actually selling PlayStation 5 at a loss.

Via: CNN Philippines

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