One of the most popular fighting game franchises, Tekken, enters the next-gen console era with the release of a new installment, Tekken 8.

To mark its announcement, Bandai Namco and the folks behind the game launched the first trailer for the Tekken 8 during the Sony State of Play. But that doesn’t mean it’s a PlayStation 5 exclusive as the game is also confirmed to arrive on the new Xbox and Windows PC.

The trailer showcases Jin Kazama and Kazuya Mishima, two of the most popular characters in the game.

While the trailer may look like a rendered animation, the folks behind the game did confirm that those are actually in-game footage played in the PlayStation 5, running at 60 frames per second.


This means that the character models, effects, and background you see from the trailer will be similar to what you’d experience when actually playing the game.

But since it’s still in the development stage, we may expect changes to happen over time. Hopefully, for the better.



The official release details for Tekken 8 are yet to be announced, but Bandai Namco is asking fans to “stay tuned”.

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