Heists involving moving vehicles is one of the most staple scenes on the Fast and Furious film franchise. It became so cultural that there was actually a family of drivers that did such an exhibition to steal today’s hottest item — PlayStation 5.

It’s been reported that in Britain, where such stunt — dubbed as “the rollover” — have already been attempted 27 times this year.

Image: The Sun

They operate just like in the movies. Two to three cars will surround the delivery truck to prevent it from overtaking. There’s a car on the back where the thief will climb out of the sunroof, up to the hood, jump to the truck’s main door, and use a crowbar to open it.

The thief will then throw the packages through the sunroof of the pursuit vehicle, which includes mobile phones, cigarettes, and of course, PlayStation 5 boxes.


PS5 units are a big-ticket item since the holiday season is just right around the corner, and getting one is hard due to limited stocks.

This isn’t the first time that the PlayStation 5 has experienced theft upon delivery. Also in the UK, it’s been previously reported that recipients got other items instead of the PS5 that they ordered. Some got cat food and even a bag of grains. It’s said that some delivery guys themselves are the culprit for swapping the packages.

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Even in the Philippines, scoring a new PS5 unit is extremely hard. It went for a quick pre-order status last November but immediately went out of stock within seconds. The next-gen console has an official price of Php27,990 in the country.

Via: The Sun

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