Ubisoft accounts that are deemed “inactive” are now subject to Ubisoft’s momentary suspension, restricting affected users from getting access to their library of games.

Via an email, users who received the warning of an imminent account suspension are told that their accounts will be deleted within 30 days unless they click on the “Cancel Account Closure” link.

Twitter user @PC_enjoyer gave a glimpse at said email, which starts with—”We noticed that you have not been using your Ubisoft account associated with [your email address].”

Followed by, “We have temporarily suspended your inactive Ubisoft account and will be closing it permanently in 30 days in accordance with our Terms of Use.

“If you wish to keep your Ubisoft account, you can cancel its closure by clicking on the Cancel button below.”

Ubisoft Support responded to the tweet by stating how the warning of suspension could be offset by choosing to log into their account and then clicking on the link indicating the cancellation of the account closure.

Another Twitter user responded to the tweet, suggesting how he lost his Ubisoft account and consequently how he lost access to all the “Ubisoft Steam games” he bought.

The Ubisoft Support account again responded by telling the player to send them a ticket to “recover their account.”

Based on Ubisoft’s end-user license agreement, therein states the company’s right to end services to their customers—or the players—at any time. However, Ubisoft also claims that “they don’t close accounts that are inactive for less than four years.”

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