A new shooter game for PC has just been released. Meet Valorant by Riot Games.

Valorant is a new free-to-play 5v5 first-person tactical shooter game that you can now download for free on PC. You can look at it as a competitor to Overwatch.


Valorant entered a closed beta testing since April 2020. In this two-month phase, about 3 million players have been playing the game on a daily basis.

Each game consists of ten players: five attackers and five defenders with ‘best of 24 rounds’ type of gameplay.


As of writing, there are 11 different ‘Agents’ to choose from, with their own respective skills and special abilities.

Players can also pick between four different maps. Both Agent Reyna and Ascent map was introduced along with the global launch of the game.


The game is also boasting its “Unprecedented game server quality and infrastructure”. It’s said to have 128-tick servers and automatic upsampling player movements to 128fps for those with a poor internet connection. Riot games are also committing a less than 35-millisecond ping for about 70% of players around the world. This is thanks to ISP peering network called Riot Direct.

You can download Valorant through its official website. The download file has a size of 64MB.

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