Not long after the disastrous Axie Infinity heist came another cryptocurrency incident, in which hackers slipped past security measures to mint 80 million WonderHero tokens.

The creators of WonderHero—the play-to-earn mobile game that uses the eponymous token—confirmed the attack via an official blog post and have since suspended all services.

Their initial investigation found that the hackers found an exploit to their “cross-chain bridging withdrawal” to mint the tokens and trade them for 750 Binance Coins. The hackers eventually cashed out with an estimated $300,000 USD (approx. ₱15.4 million).

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The hack has resulted in the crash of WonderHero token’s price, which as of this writing is sitting at $0.1835 USD or around 65% drop in the last 24 hours, according to data from CoinMarketCap.

The creators promised to compensate for the loss of affected token holders with new tokens, as well as launch a bug bounty program after a full audit to raise protection for users.

Source: Motherboard

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