OpenSignal, a firm that specializes in mobile network analytics, released a report as to why Filipinos are switching network providers.

The analysis was published after newcomer DITO Telecommunity reported that it had already reached 7 million users about a year since its initial rollout.

Breaking the duopoly of Globe and Smart means that Filipinos now have more options if they decide to switch networks. Add to that the convenience brought by Mobile Number Portability, which allows users to keep their numbers when they switch networks.

According to OpenSignal, bad experiences from their previous network operators pushed users to switch. Proving that service quality is key to keeping customers.



The research reveals that people who left their network — or “Leavers” as what OpenSignal calls them — spent most of their time without a signal or had less connection to 4G or 5G compared to the average users from the same network.

“The difference was highest for Globe Leavers — 2.5 percentage points — followed by Dito leavers with a gap of two percentage points. Smart Leavers spent only 1.6 percentage points less time connected to 4G or 5G compared to the average calculated across all of our Smart users,” the report stated.

However, the study also revealed that switching operators doesn’t guarantee a much better experience as there was no significant difference in terms of the time spent with no signal after switching networks.

Although, it’s a different story in terms of the time spent on 4G or 5G.


“Our Globe Leavers saw a 4.6-percentage point improvement after they switched to another network, and our Dito Leavers saw a 8.4-percentage point drop in their Time on 4G or 5G after they churned or switched operators. This greater difference for DITO Leavers is because our users observed the highest Time on 4G or 5G on DITO’s network and so when they switched to either Globe or Smart it’s more likely they would see a fall in this measure. Only our Smart Leavers did not see a significant change in the proportion of time they spent on 4G or 5G when churning.” 

This report analyzed the last 30 days of the users from their previous network and the first 30 days on its new network.

Source: OpenSignal

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