After three years of secret development, a collaborative project between Activision Blizzard and NetEase is axed because of an alleged dispute in its financing, according to a Bloomberg report.

Code-named Neptune, the unreleased mobile game project was set to be a spinoff to World of Warcraft, which itself is a derivative of the original real-time strategy franchise, Warcraft. Though based in the same expansive universe as the popular MMORPG, the unfinished title reportedly takes place at a “different time period.”

Following the official cancellation, NetEase has disbanded a team consisting of 100 developers aimed at generating content for the title, leaving only a few to retain their employment under the company.


Longstanding partners that brought several popular games to China beginning in 2009, there is doubt as to the future of the business collaboration between one of the most prominent—albeit controversial—game studios in the world and China’s second biggest gaming company because of the failed project.

Meanwhile, Diablo Immortal mobile, which is also a tandem project between Activision Blizzard and NetEase is already proving to be a commercial success, with what appears to be a reported revenue of $49 million in just a month since its launch.

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