It’s been a while since our last giveaway which is the DTC GT3 Astroid android phone. Good thing our friends from Banbros Commercial Inc. and Strontium wants to giveaway some freebies for our beloved readers. It will be 2 32GB USB flash drives, 1 32GB MicroSD card class 10, and 1 SD card class 10.

These portable multimedia storages will greatly help to make back ups of important files and of course, for use on smartphones or cameras.


We’ll make this giveaway simple and quick that’s why we’ll be using the ever-reliable Rafflecopter. Check out the widget below and start earning your entries! Be sure to accomplish them all if possible for more chances of winning.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Here are some terms of this giveaway.

1. There will be four (4) winners for this raffle.

2. Prizes are not transferable or convertible to cash.

3. All winners will be informed via e-mail and post in Facebook.

4. To claim prizes, winners must present the e-mail notice from us, and two (2) valid IDs.

5.. For winners residing outside Metro Manila, prizes shall be delivered via courier. Proof of e-mail notice from us and complete contact information will have to be sent via email.

Good luck to all!

  • MJ

    I want to own one because i love storing digital pictures.

  • these will be perfect for my gadgets! im excited to have it all! hihihihi ;)

  • I want to win the products so I can have more space on my laptop and for new files. :)

  • i need a 32gb microsd for my android device ;)

  • swak and perfect for me as an I.T. student…..

  • vgc

    i badly want the 32gb for my glaxy tab :)

  • I need this to save the capture memories of infancy and childhood days of my daughter, para pag laki nya makikita nya lahat =)))))

  • Rem

    they’re perfect for my files!

  • I need it as private storage of my pictures :)

  • I badly want the product because i WANNA GIVE IT TO MY DAD…HE NEED IT SO MUCH!:)

  • Jill

    I need this to store my files and save the captured moments I treasure.

  • Loreson

    This will expand my smart phone memory

  • i need it to save all my file in my computer….

  • I want the microSD card for my Galaxy S2

  • To store some important files and favorite pictures :)! thanks

  • awesome prize, It’s my pleasure to get one of that..

  • Merry Jane Ocol

    i want the usb bcoz I am a movie addict and use it on my portbale

  • To store more photos and videos

  • So that I don’t have to buy. I couldn’t afford to buy

  • Mina Balondo

    I need the microSD for my Alcatel Glory X. =)

  • Lost my flashdrive so I need a new one.

  • Camz

    I WANT! I WANT! :D This is my second time to join in NoypiGeeks’ giveaway and I’m (desperately) hoping that I will win! :>

  • Camz

    Everyone needs it, especially those students doing their research paper and thesis, like me! :D

  • I need it foe extra storage.

  • I will use it for my phone.

  • i can use it to download files & store pictures :]

  • I need a new USB or memory card coz for saving our school files and documents..! My old USB and memory card was broken..

  • i badly need a flash drive..

  • I want this super high definition memory sticks. :-)

  • Any prize will do! I need it! Thank you! :D

  • I want it because I should use it for my camera, etc and can’t afford to buy.

  • I badly needed it all… :)

  • most probably for the digicam. or flashdrive for back ups. :D

  • I need this to store my files

  • I can use it for storing huge files like movies because of its huge capacity

  • I want it because i need it

  • i want the products because it will be a huge help for my work in securing back up for my files.

  • I want to store my files in that huge gb

  • wooahh.. I just hope my gadgets can carry a 32mb sd card hahahah

  • Joseph Balane

    Hoping to win.

  • I want to win so I can use it on my dslr cam as my primary card when I shoot weddings and when I travel. :)

  • those products make file sharing easy…

  • julio b culala jr

    let me be the lucky one!

  • I love taking pictures, listening to music, playing games on my phone so I really need a big space of memory SD to keep me happy all the time.. <3 ;)

  • John Michael

    I want this because I need a larger file storage for my phone.

  • If I win, I’ll give this to my daughter. She needs it for her studies.

  • I want this for addition storage for my phone.

  • Alexus

    I want a 32GB micro SDHC for my phone!!

  • i will give it to myself as a birthday gift :D and i will use it for school purposes :D

  • it will help me to save my data ,
    and i use that on my camera

  • slither1004

    To store/save my data!

  • Done Thanks for the give away!

  • it’s very useful

  • Because I’m a certified computer geek:)

  • Super duper like ko to… 32G ba naman :D .. Thank u :)

  • Hasmin

    32G? love it! hoping to win! thanks noypigeeks, Banbros Commercial Inc. and Strontium!

  • Any of these prizes helps me bring my files anywhere. This gives me an opportunity to work wherever I may be.

  • Ericka Dannielle Piñon

    more multimedia storages means more pictures and videos, more music and of course, more important files can be saved! :)

  • Annie Egalin

    I want to win this to have more storage for memories.. :D

  • hi!! i would love to win this cause it’s always a problem to me cause i only use my cell phone memory card with the aide of memory card reader & i always have to limit on what i store with it.

  • I want to win because my 2gb flash drive was corrupted. :(

  • thanks for the giveaway!

  • Additional storage for my multimedia files

  • I want to win this because my Digi cam memory is only 2gb. :) i want to upgrade it :)

  • i want it to store many file

  • additional file storage

  • Margaret S. Chan

    I want the 32 GB SD card class 10

  • I need those stuff.

  • anne

    i want to have a 32 GB SD card because I need a larger file storage for my TAB i hope to win this please let me win this time! hahaha… please please pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee……………

  • Roel

    Hoping to win.

  • Allen

    I need microSD card so that I can store more files like videos, pictures and music on my smartphone.

  • Hoping to win a #2 GB SD Card because i need it for my tab.:)

  • Tessa

    Because I need a larger file storage .

  • I want it for my phone to have a large storage :))

  • Say

    To save my data coz the old one is already corrupted.

  • Perfect for my birthday…

  • i want it for my camera as my primary storage file when I go on field work.

  • I need a USB for school! I don’t have one. :(

  • Because it’s Awesome, Need one for my school works :D

  • aidan

    I lost my 16gb usb ,so I need a new one .:)

  • Being someone who utilizes gadgets with daily tasks, additional memory space is essential.

  • iheartGEM

    Because I need all of them on my job.

  • Lester

    I need one for my camera.=)

  • jhonyrey

    want it

  • one throws away memories..

  • need additional storage for my files =)

  • very useful in my photography sessions ^_^

  • best things in life are free :)

  • i need additional storage for my music files and videos :)

  • I need more storage for my picture and graphics files and my daughter also need a lot of storage for her music.

  • I would need it for my cam, phone and extra storage for my movies… :D

  • hope to win one of those stuff! badly needed! haha! goodluck to all! ;)

  • mitchyweech

    this products are useful thing so i hope to win.. I’ll use it anytime I need to.

  • leizledemaisip

    I need bigger GB of Micro SD/SD to have more space for my downloads/songs and impt. documents. Hope I win =)

  • cessca ocampo

    It will be a great help for me whenever there are files to be save. :))

  • hi, i wanted to have one of the cool freebie :) any will be useful
    – a usb flashdrive can be used as my backup storage of pics, documents;
    – a microsd for my phone for those pic/vids.

  • yaniconquistadora

    These products will certainly help in storing my important data and lots and lots of pictures ^_^

  • Paula Dela Cruz

    These will help me save more games on my gadgets :)

  • I really need all the storage I can have! :)

  • ricalyn

    very useful for our school projects

  • I have a lot of movie files so I need a lot of storage

  • alfranz3

    Because I need a lot of digital space. WIll be helpful for my school, work, entertainment and gaming

  • Jaja Laure

    These products will aid me in preserving and storing important pictures and fun movies. :)

  • To store lots of files.

  • To store my files, photos and videos. :-)

  • to sotre of all my important files.. and to give as gift the microsd card to my brother.

  • I like the storage capacity! very useful.. :D

  • more storage for media life!

  • want it, because i need it :)

  • The primary reason why I use memory cards is the fact that I do online work and need to transfer files between computers. Most of the time it’s easier to use these ones over big external drives. :)

  • i always run out of memory for my camera.

  • So I can store my pictures without worrying about losing them.

  • RubySalazarPapio

    i want the products coz wala po ako pambili hehe

  • i want to win it so i can store more pics, games and music

  • Emmalyn C. Salavaria

    i want to win so that i can store more pics and music and some important files….

  • abi

    for my music and pictures

  • ma clara reyes

    my kids will surely be happy to have this. Thankss

  • I want to win one because I really need one right now! I need something that I can save my files into. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  • I want to win one to use with my phone to be in a few months. :D

  • Kaye Cebele Gonzales

    A life-saving storage cards like these would probably a big help for college students like me. Hope I could win one!

  • I want to win one for my son, because he cant afford to buy one.

  • Krishoshino

    I want to win this items I like it very much

  • jessamer abing

    I badly need those stuffs for our thesis! Waah, I want to win! :)

  • I need them for my eeveel ploy.

  • These products will aid me in preserving and storing important pictures and fun movies

  • Need them for movies and pictures!!

  • Pls let me have one. Irene

  • Iwant it because I have lots of files and pictures to save.

  • I want this for I am a very keeper person and more storage will means more mem’ries to keep ;) Crossed fingers :)

  • Mark Louie Meru

    wanna get this prize

  • love these for additional storage! ftw!

  • I want these because its portable. I used to keep lots of files and pictures.

  • rechelc

    for my little boy’s tablet :)

  • Janice Que

    I need to have more back ups of my important files :)

  • diana de leola

    i want to have this for my back up files

  • I want it so badly for my files.

  • for files (back up)

  • Because I don’t have any of them and I need one to backup files

  • Jessie Abing

    I need it!!

  • Sherry MAe Catubay

    i really want this for my daughter…..she really needs it

  • i need storage for my photos

  • I need it for my upcoming thesis next trimester. (=

  • Because Im running out of memory with this 4GB (only) Memory card!! -.-

  • Junnel Montelibano

    What an awesome contest!!

  • Sana manalo ako, the best talaga to pang store ng music, pix, videos etc. lalo na hirap na hirap akong mag store ng mga files 4GB lang kasi flashdrive ko at 8GB lang microsd ko. :) thanks po for giving us a chance to win.

  • i want it because i need it

  • Aubrey

    I want the products to enhance the memory of my Brand New Galaxy Tab and for my Camera :)

  • Rainier Maquilan

    I need more storage for important files, hdd space is below 1G :(

  • Diana Ong

    For massive storage :))

  • I seriously need a MicroSD or SD Card! I wish I wish!!!

  • Guest

    goodluck to all. :)

  • i need it for my studies. i got a lot of files to keep.

  • Perfect timing, I am currently on training so I need a storage for my training files and apps. Crossing my fingers I hope I’ll win hehe thanks po… Good luck to all of us..

  • Mary Jane Manahan

    Wow. :) perfectly suits for my phone.

  • Aclarisse Manahan

    I need more storage for my files. (pictures, docu and music)

  • i want it for my phone to have a large storage. hope to win :))

  • I need new storage devices for my data

  • my usb drive is losing space for my files

  • the flash drive! so i can store my project, notes , thesis and also some installer of the programs that i’m using. its very in demand on a computer science students :D

  • I need more storage for important files. :)

  • So many games to play, so many movies to watch, so many pictures to
    appreciate, so many ebooks to read, so many documents to create… I
    can’t get enough of the internal capacity of my Tablet, Strontium 32GB
    microSD will stretch my Tablet to the limit and will gratify my
    storage-hungry digital life! :)

  • Abigail Sy

    I want the products because I’m a techie geek!

  • wala na akong paglagyan sa iabng files ko kaya kelangan ko to :)

  • wala ng space ung usb and sd ko ngaun ..

  • i need storage for my photos :)

  • punong puno na ung gamit kong sd and usb ngaun

  • i always run out of memory for my camera.

  • Denn Michael Pablo

    I want the usb flash drive and the micro SD

  • Djinnies

    I need a large GB memory card or USB, I need it for videos and pictures for my assignments, also I’m a music lover I need it to save a lot of musics.. Hope I got one :D

  • Crystal Cruz

    I want the usb flash drive and the micro SD because I need it to my everyday work .

  • I need more storage spaces for my photos and other files

  • daisy hernandez

    i need it for more storage of my files.

  • I want the 32GB microSD so badly because I could use this when I buy me a XIAOMI MI2 phone..

  • elmer sotana

    I need it for my work coz of large files we copy and transfer. :)

  • i want to win it

  • i want it for my studies

  • this will be good for paper works

  • Franklin M.

    for storage. badly need these.

  • Aaron

    more storage for my music files

  • Rhealyn de Leon

    To save/store my fave songs, my artwork images and a lot more!

  • Melvin

    i want it for my digicam

  • I’m horribly broke, and can’t afford even the cheapest of iteI need more memory devices, but

  • miniyaka

    i badly need those for storage purposes.

  • Jazz Rio


  • To help me in my studies.

  • we need it.

  • Danielle Marie Lardizabal

    I totally want this!! This is so cool! :)

  • I want to win it because i’ll gonna use it to increase storage capacity for my camera since i’ll be going on a vacation in a couple of weeks and i need more memory for my pictures on my travel to the southern part of the country.

  • I want it because I need it! :)

  • I want these for my camera and back up for my files. Hope to win :)

  • marlene

    My Son really needs the
    32GB USB flash drives for His projects,Computer class requirements.As for me, I really need the SD card for my Camera..Hope to win..Thanks!

  • i love the products because of my huge files that needed to be transfered because anytime soon, my computer will crash. :)

  • i need it for my studies

  • I want it because I need it! :)

  • I badly needed it all… :)

  • I badly needed it all… :)

  • i need it for my studies

  • i need it for my studies

  • i need it for my studies

  • I want this product to save my files and important documents!

  • my 2gig sd is already full of my son’s videos singing his favorite nursery songs. i want another sd for his pics.

  • Elyn

    I needed this product for my thesis files! :D

  • Nyle

    because I need it!

  • Lyn

    for my studies… :)

  • I want the products simply because they are a big help for more space and storage for pics, vids and music.

  • I badly need this storage devices because I got a lot of files to store in it. :)

  • Would love to have one for all the important documents, pictures (mostly of my nephew and family:) and videos:) This is very handy and savvy…

  • My phone and pc are in memory full, this will help to lessen the memory and never hang it anymore.

  • I want the products for my blogging needs

  • Im all out of memory! THis would be a great solution! :D

  • I want the products for storage purposes! :)

  • Running out of memory na ako / This would be Great!!

  • Joining, I need the MicroSD for my new BB phone. Hope to win! =)

  • I need more storage and this memory cards would come handy.

  • Guest

    This will help me store more of my files.

  • This will help me store some of my files that I need for work.

  • Esther Joy

    i need more storage for my important files

  • Mary Jane

    for my studies

  • Sazzy Gee

    I want this products so I can keep enormous music, video collection, load more pics and saving all my important files.

  • Rose Ann

    i dont have any memory/storage card yet:(

  • Norman

    i need it for my cellfone


  • jeraldine tolentino

    i wanna win this because this will help a lot in my son,s studies,..hope to win:)

  • Lyn

    for my studies… :)

  • wow Awsome! I need that to save my important files!

  • ariel toletino

    i want to win this for my kids especially my eldest this will help him alot in his studies.

  • melaniesarte

    sino na po ang nanalo?!! :(

  • RubySalazarPapio